Lauren Chapel-Pike & Roland Hood

Lauren and Roland's adjusted birthdays (to line up with the timeline) are in 2012.

Sherum Laurence-Tharkay

Born in 2013, orphaned near the end of the war and adopted after that.
December 2016

Ivan Belikov

Ivan is born to Rose Belikova & Dimitri Belikov just over a month after their arrival in Atlantis.
December 14, 2018

Dawn Diaz

Lorna Dane gives birth to Dawn with John Proudstar holding her hand and the anxious Blinky Bunch nearby.
January 4, 2019

Emily Chapel-Pike

Christine gives birth to hers and Christopher's second child.
MID 2019

End of the war

After an epic battle, Atlantis agents finally defeat COS. The war is over, but some people choose to stay in Atlantis and continue living their lives there.
TBD 2020

Kára Calrissian

Kára is born to Valkyrie & Lando.
April 2020

Jeron Andor

Jeron is conceived not long after Mara and Cassian get married!
Summer 2020

Audrey Coldwater-Quinn

Quentin & Alicia have a baby girl and name her Audrey.
January 2021

Declan & Grace Hawke

Declan and Grace Hawke are born.
August 2021

Astrid Thorsdottir

Info here.
December 2021

Sam Diaz-Adiyodi

Info here.
March 2022

Shamari & Shania Andor

Info here.
April 2022

Eve Covey-Kavinsky

Info here.
March 2024

Kyna Hanson-Malcolm-Waugh

Info here.
November 2025

Max Bell-Lokisson

Info here.
March 20, 2026

Eliot & Hope Wicker-Black-Lupin

Info here.